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Make Believe TV Online Video Production for Small Business, Video Introductions, Testimonials | St. Louis


Welcome to Make Believe TV. We bring you WARM PHONE CALLS from TOTAL STRANGERS. It's all about telling stories, and
people hire us because we can tell your story better than you can.  

Five reasons to use video on your website:

  1. You wouldn’t open an office or store without a clerk or receptionist to greet people when they come in, so why do you have a website with no introductory video?  How else can people meet you or have an opportunity to “know, like, trust” you before they call?
  2. Few people read text on a website, so in a two minute video, you can introduce yourself, your staff & talk about EHY you love what you do in an engaging way.  Give visitors a “backstage pass” to your company
  3. You hate going out networking, and video is a way to reach hundreds of potential clients without leaving your office, AND without having to deal with “cold call rejection”:
    Folks like the video & they call “warm,” or they don’t, and they don’t waste your time.
  4. You’ll be able to fine-tune & target your “elevator speech” in the process of creating the video.
  5. No one else in your industry is doing it, so be the first & raise your SEO way up there!

Five reasons to NOT use video on your website:

  1. You hate being on camera.  It’s very uncomfortable to go out and meet people. And, who needs more business?
  2. You don’t have an hour to spend on your own marketing.  Word-of-mouth works for you, and you have enough business already.
  3. You had a bad experience with a TV show interview, and you haven’t seen how a good director can help you avoid that the next time, or how a good editor could even make that look good.
  4. Video is for kids, and who needs clients under 40?
  5. You have a security company, and you don’t want people to be able to recognize you on the job.

Social Media should not be intimidating.

We believe in a high level of customer service.  Video is an investment in your company's marketing, and there should be a return on that investment.

Make Believe TV is a creative & practical digital video production & post-production house from New York. We make online intro videos for small business.  We make video testimonials and
"how to" videos.  We provide impeccable customer service in video for social media & can talk clients through it in easy, comfortable steps We produce commercials, industrial videos, public service announcements, video news releases, training, and promotional videos for both Broadcast and Online.  Digital since 1991, we own our equipment including HD video cameras and several digital edit systems. Our cameramen have won many awards including the Emmy, and our post-production facilities include graphics, animations, and special effects. Most of our music is original compositions from local artists.  


When we MAKE TV your audience will BELIEVE it.